Protect Infrastructure Products

Water Shield

Product Introduction


Areas of Application

Technical Specifications

  • A composite based waterproofing compound to arrest leaks from most of the surfaces.
  • First of its kind in world and is an impregnate where it goes inside with water into structure to seal porosity without necessity to break the surface like tiles etc.
  • Works with Water against Water. and do not require dry surface like conventional waterproofing compounds.
  • The methodology of waterproofing using watershield is recognised by Government of karnataka under scheduled rates Bangalore circle

  • 1 kg of Watershield can cover an area of 250sqft
  • Works on water with water.
  • Can be applied over existing surface as is where is condition.
  • Surface after treatment is ready for use within 4hours of application.
  • Can be used on water running bodies as well as water holding bodies.
  • Can be used for manufacturing or repairing pipes.

  • Composite based Waterproofing compound and is a single component Compound
  • Utilizes water as carrier
  • Compound goes along with the water and blocks porousness in slab by exiting the entrapped air inside (viking action) also gives additional strength.
  • Has a elastomeric property which makes the holes get blocked. Can travel in all the two coordinates( XY ) so can be applied both horizontally and vertically
  • Can be used even on tiles without removing. (Ex. Toilets, swimingpools)
  • Stops leakages over a period of 4 to 6 weeks depending on the volume of water collected.
  • Additional properties like UV, crack and thermal resistance are inbuilt.
  • Application is simple, very skilled labors not required.
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Perfect Plast-2A

A ready to use premixed Dry plaster mortar which can be used to bind bricks and also plaster walls and Ceiling portions. A composite based plaster mortar that can be used to plaster roof ceiling, internal and external walls apart from water tanks, sumps, reservoirs. This can be used to build walls in between bricks mortar.This has waterproofing, UV, heat and crack resistance property and is available in user specification ratios between cement and sand.2A is acid and Alkali resistant material with all other properties in common.

  • A pre-mixed mortar available as per user specification.
  • Coverage is 1sqft/Kg for a 12mm thickness.
  • Saves on Labour, Cost, Time and Material.
  • Saves water and curing time and It is almost a Self-curing.
  • It is UV, Heat, Crack and water resistant material.
  • It can also be used in the form of Spraying.
  • It can be used to fix marble tile etc on floor.
  • It is too convenient for narrow roads projects.
  • Assured quality and quantity in the mix.


A composite based concrete in dry format that can be mixed in site and used both as screed and concrete. This is designers mix and is available as acid and alkali resistant also under brand name PERFECTCON 2A. Can be used where ever regular concrete is used. Strength is custom designed. 25,50kg packing. Dry mix Concrete can be used wherever Concrete is used for both protects and repair works are available as per Designer specification. 2A has an additional acid and alkali resistance property.

Important Facts:

  • Coverage area varies on surface conditions.
  • Can be used for fixing poles, m/c, Concreting of roads/Pavements.
  • Saves loading space, Pilferage, Labour and Time.
  • Assured quality and Quantity.
  • Very useful for maintainence and small repairs alike.
  • Available in small and Jumbo packs.

Perfect Tile

  • Tiles for acid and alkali resistance
  • Can be used in battery rooms, ETP, STP, Industrial applications like waste carrying channels, pits etc.
  • Available in natural grey colour or Terracota or any other.
  • Tiles size can be 1sqft, 2sqft or as per used requirements.
  • Made without using power (in cold process).
  • Good for green projects.

Rubble Modules – REMOD

Pillar-R: Lightweight

  • It is a monolithic construction.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is hear, water and crack resistant.
  • It can be casted as per user design.
  • It can be color combinated.
  • It can be used as a Replacement to wood structures.
  • Its made to be Eco-friendly from using Refurbished material.
  • It saves on labor, raw material and curing time.
  • A cold Process
  • Can take load

Perfect Pack

  • Used for packing Bores, Voids, Holes and Cracks.
  • It is a Good elastomeric product.
  • Good when bonded using brush or Putty.
  • A single component system to be mixed with water
  • Works upto 40 degree celsius.

Perfect Block

An acid alkali resistance block that can be used in STP\ETP\Sewerlines\Effluent carriers. It can also be used in place of regular blocks.

Perfect Plate

It can be used as a covering for lids, Counter top and shelves.

Perfect Seal

Perfectseal is a ready to use toilet repair kit which can work on tiles to stop leak by moving with water into joints.


  • Products made out of reclaimed materials using cold process and chemicals of selective nature.
  • Products are tiles, pillars, drains, drain covers, beams, counter tops etc
  • Rural toilets and bath room for bulk use say 8 and above in a cluster.

Perfect Bond

Toilet Bore packing material which can also be used as grout with inherent properties like crack and water resistance.

Perfect Bond has a shelf life of 6 months if kept in a dry store in sealed bags. If stored in high temperature and high humidity locations, the shelf life may be reduced.


  • High ultimate strength ensure the durability of the hardened grout
  • Free flow ensures high level of contact with load bearing area
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining
  • Pre-packed material overcomes onsite batching variations
  • Develops high early strength without the use of chlorides

Perfect Coat


  • Water based Putty
  • Cementitious & synthetic putty
    • Civil Constructions for smooth finish
    • Crack filling
  • Epoxy and PU Putty
    • Used on civil structures for finish
    • Metal Filling and finishing
    • Crack filling
  • Fire Retardant Putty

    Metal filled composite based putty are to be used for reinforcement crack filling and finishing on Metal structure, tiles for industrial and special application on Glass and for Gap filling (Cable ducts and Tray...) ship and boat applications, hard floor & aviation application etc.


  • Oil Based Primers
  • Water based primers
    • Interior (White primer with anti-fungal)
    • Exterior (White primer with anti-fungal)
  • Epoxy Based Primers
    • Dual Pack
    • Single pack
    • Red oxide ,surface grey, surface white


  • Interior (Anti-fungal) VOC free
  • Exterior
  • Thermal resistant


  • General purpose synthetic available in all colours


  • INDUSTRIAL Undercoats
  • INDUSTRIAL Epoxy paints
  • Thermal resistant paints
  • Fire resistant paints
  • Applications
    • Floor and wall coatings
    • Screed and top coat marking paint
    • Decorative paints
  • Anti-corrosive for O&M and Production
    • Rust Prevention for Plant and Machinery
    • Civil structures (Industrial Housing)
    • End production & Components
    • Packing Materials
  • Heat and Fire retardant paints
    • Cable and cable ducts
    • HVAC Room
    • Roof top
    • Paint Shop
    • Document rooms
    • Server rooms
    • Battery rooms
    • Component storage
    • Workstation
    • Food & Beverages storage room
    • Water storage area (Algae and fungal resistant also)
    • Dwelling commercial and office spaces.
    • Goods personal and mass transportation vehicles
    • Food and animal carriers (to reduce heat transfer thereby reduce loss of weight and quality of materials)
    • All places where air conditioning is required ie, to retain heat or cold.
    • Advantage is there will be significant reduction of load on air conditioners and savings in power consumption and bills.

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