About Protect RE Systems

Protect RE systems, a private limited company established under companies act 1956, is into development of new products and applications for creating industries apart from selling it to customers. Our specialty is in synchronising applications for developing separate sector of industries by itself ( For ex: Hot plates using solar, Integrating with suitable electronics ).

Protect RE systems Pvt Ltd is involved in Research & development of Renewable products, setting up a power plant operated from Bio Degradable Agricultural waste /MSW to Electrical power- Diesel PAN Asia under franchise module

Also into Water and waste water business.


Energy Exists in various forms such as fuel, electric power, heat etc we at protect RE Systems are focusing on Generating power & Extracting Fuel from MSW/Agricultural form and Industrial Wastes

Segregate the vast by using vibratory Screen and other means with minimum Human Intermission the so Dived waste is converted in to RDF which can be used Directly or Pr ocessed to generate Power

The energy stored in these pellets are extracted by converting the RDF pellets.