About Protect Times

This is a brainchild of mine while thinking as to how to converge thought process of science community, bring them under one roof and also to document the idea and create a platform for extension and exchange of information from like minded engineers and entrepreneurs the same to convert it into reality PROTECT TIMES got incepted. Our aim is to create a team where in support facilities like R& D, Lab facility for research and venture capital is provided under one roof. We know we are talking of big money and team. We are looking forward for team of dedicated persons from different field of engineering to come together and not just post blogs but also actively participate to format future engineering. The subject is vide and is essentially related to engineering be it power, environment, plastics, nano / bio technology, product engineering, financial, information science or health science. we know we have selected a broad platform but we feel belittled if we leave any of the segment so this effort.

We are willing to add members to board on sector basis and a central core board who will get involved actively and will be coordinating segment we are extending operation from production to marketing segment during later part of the day. The newsletter is just a lead for all of us to come together and get tied for quenching our thirst for knowledge. All inputs are provided by individuals or people involved in segment it is purely their opinion and we just reflect the same without accepting any liability or claims we look forward for the active involvement from the fraternity.

This newsletter will be published once in a month on theme basis and each theme will become independent based on the response we get.

First issue will be on Coating and E.P.S and its utilities it is for sure the subject is vast and information covered is less the reason being we are yet to rope in players in full scale. we welcome contribution in not more than 1500 words apart from pictures we look forward from advanced compound manufacturers to contribute articles so that users will also get enlightened.

Chief Editor, PROTECT TIMES.